Our program at Gardenworks For Kids addresses the issues of childhood obesity and nutrition by giving children preschool through 6th grade opportunities to experience the work, sweat, and sense of satisfaction of growing organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. They are involved in planting trees, sowing seeds, and caring for their garden. The end result is very exciting for us and is instilling a sense of accomplishment in the children at an early age which will last a lifetime.
We build orchards and gardens at schools and are especially proud of our vegetable gardens. Kindergarten classes have planted vegetable gardens and will harvest them to make their own vegetable soup. The fourth graders grow “pizza gardens” with vegetables and herbs that are used as pizza toppings. When the students harvest their fresh herbs and vegetables they can take them to Pizza Chalet in Yucaipa and have them cooked on pizzas which will be then be delivered to their class for a pizza party. Pride in their work and the knowledge that “fresh-is-best” is reinforced throughout these programs for the children. Local elementary schools that plant fruit tree orchards are looking forward to dehydrating the fruit as well as giving recipes and cooking lessons that the students are encouraged to try at home with their families as well. 
We are now also offering a raised garden program where a 4’x6′ garden is constructed and planted at a home or business. This gives busy parents an opportunity to start a garden at home which will inspire their children to grow fresh foods and eat healthy.


Our goals are to get the children out of the house and into the garden where they can benefit from fresh air, exercise, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.
We feel at Gardenworks For Kids, just as a seed planted in the ground germinates and grows; it is the same with a child when a seed of knowledge is planted and a miracle takes hold.