2nd Grade


We bring the program to your school for the 2nd Graders!

Butterfly GardenButterfly Garden:

  • History of Gardening
  • The garden city and garden habitat (animals & insects)
  • Walk through garden (if at our facility)
  • Soils, fertilizers, composts & mulch
  • Discussion, questions & answers
  • Hands on planting – potted plant
  • Planting & examination of plants that attract hummingbirds & butterflies
  • Displays of hummingbirds & butterflies
  • Craft assembly
  • Classroom gift – Strawberry pot with butterfly plants or school planting barrel
  • Polaroid picture with frame of new gardeners
  • And what better way to end than a snack!

Students Will Take Home

  • Local nursery coupon
  • Garden magazine
  • Potted plant
  • Craft with seeds for planting
  • Gummy worms
  • Memory of a Lifetime