Indian Hill Trail



 Mission Statement: Our program is designed and formulated to help 4th/8th grade students understand the importance of protecting the environment, tree preservation, local native american culture, learn the importance of environmental stewardship. We hope to open their eyes to the necessity of preserving and protecting the world in which they live.

Goals and Objectives: Our goal is to introduce the students to the wonder of their local mountain environment and to get them excited about their role in preserving and protecting it. It is also our desire for them to learn about their environment, how the ecosystem works and the local plants and wildlife.  We plan on accomplishing this through different learning elements that meet the California State Standards. The students will learn through teaching and hands on activities. They will learn the following:

  • Water cycle
  • Importance of tree planting/preservation
  • Native plants
  • Local Wildlife/Bald Eagle habitat
  • Native Culture



We feel the history of the local Indians who lived on and with this land is very important. The Serrano Indians who made their homes in this area have a rich history with many traditions.  We want the students to learn about the their contributions to this area.



Our vision for Indian Hill Trail is to have the schools in the local area as well as Orange County come to us.

  • On the weekends we would like this trail to be open to the public as a service to the community at no cost.
  • This is an Outdoor Education classroom during the week.

Classes can be reserved for $18.00 per student.


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Each student will be given a lanyard with a name tag, pencil and a trail guide/activity book for the trail.

Our goal is for each and every student who experiences Indian Hill Trail to leave with a better understanding of their environment and the crucial role they play in preserving it. We also want the students to have a better understanding of the ancient people who once inhabited the area and how they were good stewards of the land and it is important that we follow their example.


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