Mission Statement:

This program is designed and formulated to encourage the development of children with nature. It is our goal to light a spark within each individual child to the miracle of life in the garden.

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Goals & Objectives:

To introduce children ages Preschool to 5th grade to the joy of gardening and to give each grade a graduated learning curriculum. Our goal is to let each child experience a “Hands on” approach to gardening and to develop a love and respect for their enviroment.

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Teachers Agree…

“Thank you so much for bringing this amazing experience to our students. We look forward to seeing our garden grow.”
– Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Snider & Mrs. Gomes, Arrowhead Elementary School

“The students experienced a great learning experience and a great time planting their vegetable garden.”
-Redlands Christian Academy

“This was truly one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for our class. The planting information and beautiful marigolds were appreciated by each child.”
-Mrs. Haugh, McKinley Elementary, Redlands Ca

“Thank you for coming and teaching us about plants and flowers. The children enjoyed themselves immensely.”
-Mrs. Mineo, McKinley Elementary, Redlands Ca

Thank You For Your Support in Educating Our Children!